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    Thursday, 28 August 2014

    Creature 3D music review: Bipasha Basu And Imran Abbas Naqvi

    Bipasha Basu‘s upcoming horror flick Creature 3D, directed by Vikram Bhatt, did not give a lot of hopes with its trailer, but the music surprisingly seems quite likeable.Vikram Bhatt is known for having a good ear for music. The compositions and vocals also boast of very big names and therefore, the expectations are high from the album. So let us have a look at the song by song music review and see as to whether the music of the film impresses us or not.
    Saawan aaya hai: Arijit Singh has sung this track with absolute sincerity. This Tony Kakkar composed track takes you back to the 90s and reminds one of the Nadeem-Shravan melodies from that era. Despite the obvious inspiration, the tune is still likeable and with the melodious Arijit featuring behind the mike, it is all the more appealing. The lyrics by Tony Kakkar are simple yet engaging. The remix is alright and should satisfy the target audience. On the other hand, the unplugged version features the composer himself behind the mike. But one does wish he had not done so since the nasal twang is more pronounced in this version which depends on a very simple but elegant flute and guitar based arrangement and incidentally sounds more melodious than even the original version. If only had a seasoned singer like Arijit or Mohammed Irrfan or Ankit Tiwari or Javed Ali crooned this one, it would have indeed been the proverbial icing on the cake.
    Hum na rahein hum: Sung by Benny Dayal, this Mithoon composition takes over the mantle with aplomb. The song seems to be tailor made for singers like Arijit Singh, Mohammed Irrfan, Ankit Tiwari or Javed Ali. Benny Dayal, good as he is, still cannot provide that same feel to the song. But having said that, one also has to give it to Benny for going all out for this track which showcases a completely different side of his vocal prowess. That is especially admirable since we are used to Benny’s fun and naughty vocals in all his dance numbers. Here his voice takes a softer turn which is remarkably pleasant and fits in seamlessly with the beautiful melody. The Remix version is surprisingly good and is a good addition to the soundtrack.
    Naam-E-Wafa: Sung by Farhan Saeed and Tulsi Kumar, this song is just a passable melody. The saving grace though is singer Farhan Saeed who manages to convey the whole range of emotions quite effectively through his voice thereby giving the song more respectability. If not for Farhan, this Mithoon composed track is quite ordinary and in fact is a bit of a drag. Tulsi Kumar partners Farhan in this track and is just about alright. The remix is actually more interesting than the original and makes the track more appealing.
    Ik Pal Yahi: Sung by Saim Bhatt, this song has the typical feel of a Bhatt film. The vocals, the rock setting of the track, the lyrics. The song is quite engaging and Saim Bhatt is extremely good behind the mike but on the downside it sounds too templatized and does not have any distinguishing factor whatsoever that will let it stand out among the barrage of rock ballads among the new releases.
    Mehboob ki: Sung, composed and penned by Mithoon, this track incessantly hooks onto you and gives an instant captivating feel. The mood and setting also sounds much lighter as compared to the rest of the album considering the arrangement of the track and is therefore, a fun listen. Not exactly an outstanding tune, Mehboob Ki is, nevertheless, fun while it lasts and Mithoon has done a good enough job in all the three departments.
    Verdict: Creature 3D soundtrack is high on melodies and therefore likeable. But there is a slight downside as well. None of the songs have the “it” factor which will let it stand out from other songs and therefore despite being a good album, its popularity will be solely based on the success of the film at the box office.
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