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    Friday, 19 September 2014

    5 things that make Sonam Kapoor’s Khoobsurat different from Rekha’s original

    Once you watch the film you’d realise that the makers of Khoobsurat have gone beyond the original, telling the same story in a novel way, keeping the essence of the original intact but treating it like a contemporary fairy-tale. Here are five differences we spotted between the original and the new-age Khoobsurat
    And we don’t mean it in a negative sense. Sonam has played a misfit but she is a lot more spunky, funky and peppy than Rekha. We welcomed the change because Rekha’s character from the original would have been a bit old-fashioned for today’s time. Sonam as Mili is also more real and every girl of any age-group would associate with her character.
    And thank god for that! Not that we didn’t adore Roshan in the original we were spell bound by Fawad in the latest version. Rakesh didn’t play the most important role in Hrishida’s Khubsurat but unlike him Fawad isn’t a second fiddle. Without him, Khoobsurat wouldn’t have been so delightful…
    The production value
    Most definitely, Khoobsurat is grander than the original. While Rekha’s film depicted the story of a middle class family, the new-age Khoobsurat deals with a royal family. It is not a surprise either because glittery extravagance didn’t come as easily to Bollywood back in the 80′s as it does now. With its mansions, its scenic backdrops and expensive outfits, Sonam-Fawad’s Khoobsurat looks aesthetically and commercially appealing.
    Manju is not the same
    Rekha played the role of Manju in the Hrishida film while Kirron Kher plays the role of Sonam’s mother, Manju in the remake. And the new Manju isn’t half as garrulous or loud-mouthed like the old one. As much as we loved Rekha shaking things up in the Gupta household in the original film, we are leaning a little bit more toward Kirron for sweeping us off out feet with her ‘typical Punjabi mummy’ act!
    The matriarch has also changed
    Like the original which had Dina Pathak playing the matriarch of the Gupta family, this remake has Ratna Pathak Shah playing boss at a royal household running a dysfunctional family on the side. While Dina Pathak’s strict disciplinary ways weren’t given a back-story, Ratna’s austere principles come with a reason. You will have to watch the film for that…
    All these differences from the original make Sonam and Fawad’s Khoobsurat worth a watch. Our advice is that you don’t miss this one!
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