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    Monday, 29 September 2014

    Gautam Gulati screams, abuses and then sheds crocodile tears

    Well for those who could not catch the entertaining and melodramatic episode of Bigg Boss 8, we’ll give you a gist of what happened inside the house and what we thought of it.
    The 13 contestants have now become 15 with the addition of Deepshikha and Preetam as they are no longer member of the secret society. In tonight’s episode they joined the others and for the first time Bigg Boss addressed them all equally. Hugs and greetings were exchanged, but along with that a few stories were leaked. It was concluded that the boys gossiped more than the girls. Of course Deepshikha wanted to make it clear that she was not out to create rifts between people. Yes we believe you, babe.
    Bigg Boss finally spoke and gave them a team task – Hijack. While the task seemed immature and rather juvenile the outcome was definitely far from it. Deepshikha’s team was entrusted with the task of unseating Preetam’s team members from their seats using any tactic they could think of except physical violence. Now that didn’t seem like a mountain of a task to do, but boy were we wrong.
    Natasha Stankovic and Gautam Gulati – the first to break
    The delicate darling was the first to shed tears as Karishma Tanna diligently started doing her task. Of course Praneet Bhat tried to console her and Preetam gave her courage. After sportingly doing the task, Gautam lost his cool and started screaming his lungs out. While the screeching was not a problem; it’s the abuses he hurled at Karishma that pissed everyone off. So much so, that his own teammates abandoned him and supported the opposition.
    Almost immediately, Gautam realised his mistake and  apologised. But the damage was already done and everyone blamed him for his words. Arya, Minissha Lamba, Puneet Issar, Sukirti Kandpal and the others lectured him and took the opportunity to teach him some manners. Puneet told him, ‘if you consider me as your elder brother then apologise to Karishma‘. Ms Tanna accused Puneet of disloyalty for not standing up for her considering she was like his own daughter. Finally, Puneet, Karishma and Gautam were seen having a group hug with tears rolling down their eyes- OMG! What melodrama was that? It seemed like a live version of an Ekta Kapoor show- in fact, people don’t even cry so much in her soaps also, nowadays.
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