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    Thursday, 18 September 2014

    Parineeti Chopra: When I get ready, I expect people to see what I am wearing and comment on it

    Parineeti Chopra will be seen romancing Aditya Roy Kapur on the big screen for the first time. The two talented actors play the lead in Habib Faisal’s directorial venture Dawaat-e-Ishq which releases tomorrow. So we recently caught up with Pari to talk about her latest offering and though she was unwell, she was more than willing to answer each and every question of ours. And she did. The Hasee Toh Phasee babe spoke about everything – from her film to co-star Aditya to competition and friendship in Bollywood. Read on to know what she said….
    Daawat-e-Ishq is your first gastronomical film. Tell us about that…
    Very few films have come with this kind of theme and I was excited because in a country where people love food, not many films have been made on it. So I am happy that I am a part of film where food is there, love story is there and its sweet, nice clean film.
    How was it working with Aditya Roy Kapur?
    Aditya, I absolutely love and adore. He is just an amazing person. I get along with him very easily coz he is also very non-filmy actor. Apart from our professional lives, the way we lead our personal lives is very similar – normal and without filmy parties and stuff. So that’s very cool about him and he is very real as well. So i loved working with him.
    Did you guys try any special Lucknowi, Hyderabadi delicacies?
    Yeah yeah…loads of them. In fact, we came back putting on lot of weight because both Lucknow and Hyderabad are famous for their food. It was brilliant coz every day we would look for a new place. Even if we had biryani, we would want to eat it again from a different place. So it was a lovely experience. We ate shahi tukda, firni, gosht and what not…
    So did you workout on the sets since you were gorging on food most of the time?
    I actually don’t workout in life. So all of it was going in and nothing was being done about it (smiles). I am quite a fit person. I am healthy coz because I like to eat healthy things but I am the kind of actress who eats in moderation…you know like I have to have a vegetable or a juice. I don’t do all those things. I balance it out. So if I have many days of bad eating then I balance it with 10 to 15 days of good eating.
    Most films that released in the first of the 2014 starred the next-gen actors like you, Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Sidharth Malhotra and they all got cash registers jingling. So what do you have to say about the new lot leading from the front…
    Its feels good, it’s nice. I think every actor is doing certain kind of films which are doing well. And I am glad for myself that there is an acceptance for us. We all love acting and we would love to do films but if we are not accepted by the audience then there is no point. So I am just happy that they have.
    Also, you’ll share a great bonding. So how do you balance friendship and competition?
    You know, it must be surprising for all of you but we genuinely like each other and we enjoy each other’s company. As for competition, it’s very healthy coz if I don’t like something that any other actress has done then I have the friendship to call up and tell ‘Listen, I don’t think this is cool’ or ‘l loved you in this’. And it’s vice verse. So I think somewhere friendship has taken a little more importance which is a great thing.
    You have reached a stage where there is no roam for mistake, you’ll be judged for every role and film that you do. So now are you more cautious?
    Even if I was the only actress in the industry, every film that I would do, you would go and judge it. Every time I would come out in public, you would review what I am wearing or how I am looking. Now there are other people. So if they do it better than you automatically there comes competition. So I don’t think you guys are doing anything wrong, we have to be prepared for that. In fact, we are doing it for that in a strange way. When we make films, we expect you to buy a ticket, go and watch and tell us what you think. So when I get ready, it’s the same thing for me. I expect you to see what I am wearing and comment on it. So I just have to do it well every time. The way I want to do good films all the time, I want to look good too.
    What made you do Daawat-e-Ishq?
    It is such a different film from what I have done so far in life. It’s just a sweet, happy film. There is no big mudda that we are trying to solve or no big drama in the film. There is no one USP that we are trying to sell. It’s a feel good film that’s it.
    Do you cook in real life?
    No, I can’t cook to save my life, I hate cooking.
    Street food that you love to binge on…
    Gol gappe. In Ambala and Delhi we get amazing gol gappe and chaat.
    Maa ke haath ka dish that you love
    My mom’s biscuit pudding. It’s amazing…she got the recipe from my nani.
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