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    Wednesday, 10 September 2014

    Rukaiya Wants Jodha's Child:Jodha Akbar

    Jodha Akbar 9th September written episodeRukaiya specially gets prepared and meets Jalal. She shares the pain of her inability to become a mother. She requests Jalal to give one of Jodha’s children to her, so that she can get the pleasure of raising a child. Jalal tells her that he has no right to distance a child from its mother. He refuses doing it.
    Sharifuddin tells Bakshi that his father is coming to bless the child. He takes his daughter in his arms and tells Bakshi that he will keep his promise and become a better human being. Bakshi feels relaxed seeing his apparent change. He takes the child out for a walk.
    Sharifuddin sees Jodha and intentionally comes near her. Jodha sees the child crying and wants to take it to her room. Sharifuddin utilizes the chance of touching her hands and saying sweet words to her.
    Akbar sees Jodha pampering Bakshi’s child and thinks when she is so fond of others’ children, she can never keep her own child away from her. Jodha shows him the cradle she has ordered from Ajmer.
    Akbar asks why she has ordered one cradle when there will be two children. Jodha says that Rukaiya has ordered another cradle for her child. Jodha feels sorry for Rukaiya who cannot have the pleasure of being a mother. She wants to share her happiness with Rukaiya. Akbar is surprised.
    Rukaiya remembers that Akbar promised to give anything to his queens when they would ask, after the war against Maha Chuchak. He commuted Khaiber’s death sentence on Jodha’s demand, to keep the promise. Rukaiya thinks that she has made a mistake in presenting her demand. She takes out a letter and smiles.
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