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    Thursday, 9 October 2014

    You will need lots of tissues to sit through this emotional roller-coaster of a show

    Itti Si Khushi is the story of Neha, who was in a coma for twelve years after she meets with an accident. She comes out of her coma at the age of 26 and the whole world around her has changed. Her grandmother is handicapped, brother is married and has a son, younger sister is about to get married. Of course, a lot has changed with respect to the leading actors in Bollywood, range of mobile phones and what they can do and more. While most people who would have gone into depression, Neha takes it in her stride and decides to live double the amount to make up for lost time. However, the one thing she hoped wouldn’t change was her childhood crush Aman. Even after 12 years, Neha still harbours feelings for Aman, who unfortunately is engaged to marry her own sister. How she copes with the changing times and the fact that she still thinks like a child forms the rest of the story
    The Good
    Smriti Kalra who plays Neha is the whole and sole of the show. Her childlike innocence and expressions make you laugh and cry along with her. Your heart goes out to the character and her dilemma. We don’t think anyone else could have pulled off this character with so much élan. Anuj Sachdeva as Aman still needs to be explored. He looks great and the shots of his sculpted abs will have women drooling. Everyone on Neha’s family seems genuine. In fact, there’s a soul to everyone’s performance, which comes across very easily. You will want to watch the show, not ‘coz of any curiosity but just to see Neha’s untainted thoughts and actions.
    The Bad
    Vidya Sinha, who plays Neha’s dadi needs to get a new makeup artist. She looks so caked up that sometimes it is difficult to see her emote. Considering they are staying in the same locality for almost all their lives, no one seems to be aware of Neha’s condition. The actor playing Aman’s brother seems like a misfit in the whole story; guess it’s too early to determine that. The title track could have been more interesting and catchy. Frankly, there was very little we could criticise about.
    Itti Si Khushi will turn you in to a basket case. We’d advice you sit with a box of tissues while watching this show. It’s an interesting emotional concept and Smriti’s acting takes it to a whole new level; she steals the show with her adorable expressions and voice.
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    Item Reviewed: You will need lots of tissues to sit through this emotional roller-coaster of a show Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Daljit Kalsi
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