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    Wednesday, 5 November 2014

    3 secrets of Lisa Haydon

    Lisa Haydon has had a good year. She began the year with Queen, for which she got rave reviews. And she has a film releasing this week —The Shaukeens — you know that, too. But did you know that this 29-year-old, born Elisabeth Marie Haydon, is the second-eldest of eight siblings born to an Australian mother and Indian father? She is a home-schooled flower child raised in Sydney and South Mumbai. She barely speaks Hindi. She became a fashion model because… have you looked at her body? But there’s more to her than that. Here’s three things about her we bet you didn’t know…
    She’s an entrepreneur
    She started an organic beauty brand Naked in her kitchen and now sells vanilla jasmine lavender bath/body salt scrubs and other “potion lotions” online at Fabbag.com. “The concept behind Naked is addressing the skin’s fundamental needs, like moisturising,” the fledgling entrepreneur says. “It’s just an authentic product, man, there’s nothing fluffy about it. I’m not claiming to revolutionise anything. It’s not skin science, it’s just using something that’s clean and pure and natural,” she adds.
    She’d rather have a baby than buy a house/car
    “All of a sudden, I’m coming into fortune in so many ways. I don’t want to spend my money on a bigger house or car because it feels pretentious,” she admits. “Having a baby would be a good way to give back. You have to give back. I think humans wake up in the morning with an innate desire to give back. I do. For many, many years, I knew, ever since I was a child, that I just had sooooo much energy inside me. And the only thing you can do to get the energy out of you is to do something constructive, that giving back that I’m talking about. Now that something’s kind of clicked with films, I have found my little outlet, something I can sink my teeth into. You know, if you keep putting your energy out there, eventually the universe will respond,” Lisa says.
    She’s a marathoner
    A real one at that. “I know if I only run the marathon that’s like success for dummies. I can be a model but I may not make it to New York. I can act but I might not become the biggest actress. But if I just run, if I keep putting one foot in front of the other, no matter what happens, I can be successful at that because that’s up to me, that’s in my power,” she concludes.
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