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    Monday, 3 November 2014

    Bigg Boss 8 Highlights: Karishma Tanna chooses her beauty over Sushant Divgikar’s freedom

    Day 43 in Bigg Boss 8 was focused only on Karishma Tanna where she came out looking like a vamp and Gautam Gulati was the new hero of the house – what a turn of events.
    Pritam’s bai classes
    Sonali Raut is extremely lazy to clean the washrooms. So she approaches Pritam to teach her how to do it with the hope he will do it for her. But Pritam outsmarts Sonali and actually teaches her how to clean the bathroom.
    Upen Patel nominates five
    Bigg Boss opens the nomination process and asks Upen to pick five names ‘coz he is the captain. He picks Praneet Bhat, Gautam Gulati and Sonali ‘coz they refused to listen to him and do work in the house. He then selects Pritam ‘coz he felt betrayed and Puneet Issar ‘coz he believes they will try to get him out.
    Who got Nominated
    Most contestants were not happy with the nomination. However it was Puneet’s crocodile tears that truly put us off. So the final names were Sonali, Puneet, Gautam, Ali Quli Mirza, Sushant Divgikar and Praneet.
    Planning and Plotting
    Puneet plans with Gautam, Praneet and Pritam to get Sonali and Ali along with them and get their votes for the next captain of the house. They want Gautam to be the next captain – Match fixing ki hadh hai.
    Bigg Boss gives Gautam and Karishma a task wherein he will give the inmates ten options. If both their answers coincide they will get their wishes fulfilled. So among the ten options, the two agreed only on 1 option. However the game gets uglier just after that.
    Makeup vs Sushant’s freedom
    Gautam becomes a star overnight by option to relieve Sushant from his servant duties, but Karishma’s objection to it shows off her true colour in front of the housemates. After picking yes and no, Karishma starts arguing with Gautam as to why he did not get her make up back. All the contestants watching the telecast of the task are appalled with Karishma for being self centered.
    One chance one option
    When Karishma realises that Gautam did not opt to get her makeup back she lashes out at him. she calls him ugly, sympathy hungry and worthless.Bigg Boss gives them an option to rectify and come to a consensus for any one option and Karishma picks her make up again, but Gautam refuses. They then mutually decide to free Sushant.
    After everyone sees the whole telecast they realise that Karishma Tanna is actually very self centered and vain. Once Karishma realises that the whole house had been watching her she claims that she did it ‘coz Minissha felt bad. Diandra Soares tries to explain that she has come out looking bad in this task and everyone will be against her. The contestants hug Gautam for being smart and sensible.
    Karishma’s obsession with makeup
    Even after the task is over, Karishma keeps justifying her decision for not freeing Sushant, but no one pays heed to her explanations. Puneet goes ahead and further poisons everyone’s mind against Karishma and her vanity. Then she tries to apologise to Sushant, but clearly no one was ready to hear it.
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